Washington Wizards v New York Knicks

And the drama continues.  Last week JR Smith was benched against the Heat, a day after being fined $50k for the shoe lace untying incidents.  Well he was benched again last night as the Knicks lost to the Bobcats.  What did Coach Woodson & JR have to say about it?!  It doesn’t sound good.  Check it out…




J.R. Smith methodically packed a foldable suitcase in the middle of the visiting dressing room late Tuesday night, an odd sight for anyone but the one Knick who quickly has fallen back into disfavor with Mike Woodson.

…“I’m not even commenting on J.R.,” Woodson said gruffly after the game. “I just didn’t play him tonight. I didn’t play him.”

Woodson also declined comment when asked later if Smith would play Thursday in Indiana, but the timing certainly seemed odd — even for this ongoing, sideshow storyline.

…“I stopped being surprised after the Miami game,” Smith said, adding Woodson gave him “no reason” for his latest benching and didn’t tell him he wouldn’t play before the game began. “I haven’t the slightest clue (what’s going on). . . . If I’m not helping the team, there’s no point in me being here.”

“I’m not even worried about that. I’m trying to fix what’s going on here,” said Smith, who at least partially thought this latest saga was behind him after he’d played without incident the past two games. “Yes and no. I think a lot of things. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It is what it is. You take the punches as they come.”

Asked about the recent shoelace incidents, Smith said “for that to be the trigger point for all of this to happen is ridiculous.”

“The communication from my end is over,” Smith said. “I’m going to show by my effort.”