Ciara's ex

Lord, do I hate attention-whoring cornballs! Ciara’s ex-boyfriend, Lakyle Thomas, is just that! With everything to gain as a struggling wannabe actor who craves press and followers, the Atlanta native took to his Instagram account following news of his former highschool sweetheart’s pregnancy with fiancé Future, and shared a few throwback images of them while commenting on the news. It may have been a little cute, but take the fact it was over 10 years ago that they were together, the fact he took to Facebook to write, “I truly loved Ciara in high school and still do. Guess it don’t matter about what WE had in the past cause you seem happy now. Congrats on the new baby Ciara,” and the fact he has been posting screen shots of all of the media outlets that have posted him (most in a negative light) to his Instagram acting fake mad about the press…he’s just screaming “BISCUIT.” Check out his pictures and comments in the gallery.

P.S. I’m annoyed he’s going to obviously get more attention by this post…but I just had to share this with you guys!

Marisa Mendez

Source: Vlad TV