Reports have surfaced that Jets QB Geno Smith was escorted off of a plane earlier today at LAX in Los Angeles. He has denied the reports, but witness accounts say something different. Regardless it doesn’t seem like a big deal because he was never arrested, but being escorted out by airport security is never a good thing. Hit the jump for more.


One report stated that Geno was on board a flight and a flight attendant asked him to remove his headphones repeatedly but Smith never heard the attendant.

Another story was much more detailed:

We were waiting for our flight at LAX to Vegas and were put on standby on Virgin American just like Geno. We were told to get seat assignment at 2:40. Apparently Geno was not on board with that. My friend walked over to discuss seat assignment and Geno was saying to airline ticket agents, “[Expletive] that, this is [expletive].” “Why the [expletive] do I have to wait until 2:40.” He would not let it go. He continued to curse and be loud for about 5 minutes. Police were called. They talked for a few minutes and then 3 officers escorted him out of the terminal.

The second story seems more credible, but since he wasn’t arrested it seems like it is a dead issue.