Chris Brown just MIGHT dodge this bullet. The, “Fine China” singer was involved in a DC brawl where he was arrested on assault charges last year. Last week, Brown declined a plea deal in the case, and from the looks of it all, that was the right thing to do. Find out more below.

JaaiR (JR)

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There seems to be slight differences in stories among witnesses. One witness stated that the police told them, the victim said, it wasn’t Brown who had hit him. The officer denied telling the witness such a statement. Another witness, who happens to be secret service states that the original witness was telling the truth.
All of the he said, she said going around has jump started an internal affairs investigation.
“This [discrepancy among witness statements] is not uncommon in cases with multiple witnesses involved. We have received no complaint of misconduct on the part of any officer in this matter,” says Police Chief Cathy Lanier. I guess for Chris’ sake, he better hope otherwise.