Find Avonte Oquendo

After Avonte Oquendo went missing in October, the police have been searching day and night for the Autistic Queens boy. Remains washed up onto the shore of College Point, Queens and officials believe they could possibly belong to the missing teen. As of now, two human legs, one arm, and a torso were discovered at the crime scene but the police are still searching for more evidence in the area.

What leads officers to believe that the body parts belong to Oquendo is that the feet had a pair of size 5 1/2 Nike Air Jordans on, which were the exact shoes he was wearing when he went missing. The Oquendo family’s attorney, David Perecman, stated that the remains turned up with a size 16 jean, also the same size of the boy. Oquendo’s mother, Vanessa Fontaine, is reportedly “skeptical” of the discovery being that the whole body has yet to be found.


Source: [Pix11]