Although we celebrated his actual birthday, Jan. 16th, today is the day that many get to sit home, and reminisce on the movement made by the late and great, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The activist and civil rights leader spoke for all that didn’t have a chance to be heard, and after almost five decades later, people are still listening. All the while, preaching NON-VIOLENCE!
Dr. King’s daughter, Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, wants us all to enjoy the memory of her father by dong one thing…find out what, after the jump.

JaaiR (JR)

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Non-Violence! “America has an enormous appetite for violence. I don’t know why we have such an affinity for that, but I do know it has to stop,” says Dr. Bernice. She’s passing out the the word of, “no shots fired,” and as a step towards the goal, the Atlanta branch of the NAACP is participating in a gun buyback program. It starts with you!