Metta World Peace took to Twitter to go on a rant directed at Ex-boxing champ Larry Holmes.  In a recent interview Holmes said that he thinks Mayweather will lose all of his money.  Well MWP read that interview and thinks Holmes is “bringing down” the black community.
While I love Mr. Peace I don’t agree with him on this.  I think Larry Holmes  was speaking from experience & was just trying to teach a (very important) lesson.
Check out the original story along with Metta’s tweets and let us know what you think…



Via Boxing Scene:

Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes knows more than he should about overspending on luxurious items. Holmes made millions of dollars during his reign as the world champion, and made millions more in some high profile fights that came in the late stage of his career. In the end, he managed to waste away his millions and had nothing left.

… “The story with Mayweather interests me more than his fighting, because he is crazy. Mayweather is crazy rich. If I could have made $45 million dollars in one night, I would have been the nicest guy in the world,” Holmes told Sky Sports Ringside.

“No, [he will not keep his money]. Money don’t have no friends. Money will go with you and be with him in the morning, and go with her and him and might even get to my pocket. Money don’t have no friends, because when people are rich their eyes see things that they don’t really need…like Mayweather, and like Larry Holmes even. I had five Rolls Royces. I had 27 cars. I had a bus, a 49 seat bus for all of my friends to go to Atlantic City to come hang out and party. Did I need any of that? No.”



Source & lead photo: TMZ