Google Glass
Fellow Glass member has announced on the Glass forum that Thanks to Rochester Optical, a company working on Glass prescription’s for people, will have CBS Sports anchor, John Kucko wearing a pair for the ‘CBS Google Glass Sports Video of the Day’.

Tat Wza

*See Announcement In Gallery Above*

Now the Glass member known as Tim says he will share details tomorrow, but what’s said, here’s how I believe it will work, Kucko will wear Glass, take videos through it, and as it backs up to the cloud, CBS will be logged into the google account that the Glass is logged into, download the video, edit it up real quick, and play it on the air. Pretty nifty!!!

This is not the 1st announcement about a sporting event for Glass, but mos def the Biggest!! It was Recently announced Glass will be used for an NBA game:

I’ve been telling everybody, Glass WILL be as popular as the iPhone in years to come, and since I’m learning the ins and outs now, you will need me later 0_0

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