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This is why they call him the “Bawse.”  Yep, Rick Ross just bought Evander Holyfield’s 109-room mansion in Georgia.  The place looks so dope!!!  Hit the jump for details…




According to reports, the Atlanta, Georgia decked-out crib is now in Ricky Rozay’s possession.

If you were wondering if Rick Ross’ is really ballin’ wonder no more. Big man has just scooped up the house previously owned by Boxing legend Evander Holyfield. The mansion boasts 109 rooms and is an astounding 54,000 square feet. The house also sits on 235 acres that will have to be mowed. For entertainment, there is a bowling alley a movie theater and a stable, just in case Ricky Rozay wants to do some horseback riding. The dining room holds 100 people or 1 Rick Ross and 10 guests. The house was foreclosed on and the amount that Ross paid has not been revealed although Evander owed $14 million when he vacated back in July 2012. (Before Its News)

Reports also claim the “Bawse” will have to drop at least $1 millionannually to maintain normal household costs.

The cost to run a house as big as this exceeds $1 Million dollars per year. So Ross will have to earn $1 million just to run the house, plus the house payment, living expenses, car payments and any other mortgages he may have on other homes. Suddenly that net worth of $28 million isn’t looking as big as it did before. (Before Its News)

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