The way the news has been covering Justin Bieber being arrested, you would think the President was assassinated or something. But in a day & age where headlines sell papers, you can’t be surprised about this type of coverage. It seems some people are split on how they feel about Bieber being locked up. Some say the police are out to get him and support him, while other say he is a spolied brat who deserves it. Well you can add 2 former NFL stars to the group of people who thinks he deserves it. Not only that, but they are happy about it. Hit the jump.


Keyshawn Johnson and Bieber have had a little beef for a while now. It was Johnson who confronted Bieber and his crew in their Los Angeles neighborhood after he accused Bieber of driving dangerously fast through there all the time. At that time, Bieber pretty much brushed him off, but yesterday Johnson took to twitter after the arrest.

“They finally caught HIM! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it.”

“The scary part is grown adults who are w/ him aren’t protecting him from himself! All looking for a quick buck. Learning experience for all.”

Former NFL great running back, Eric Dickerson, who also lives in the same community in Los Angeles as Keyshawn & Bieber also took to twitter, saying “It’s about time! Nobody’s above the law!”

In case you never saw this, check the video to see Keyshawn go on a rant about Bieber last May