Adult Apps seem to be on the Rise, But at a user’s peril, since some of them come with Malware. Especially since all adult apps are 3rd party, meaning NOT in the Apple App store, OR Google Play. But yet some ‘Adults’ are curious about them, so we looked at a couple.

Tat Wza

Well kinda looked at, Online, not actually in my phone(s), as I’m not taking that chance. So the biggest Adult App peddlers are “MikandI”(whom used to be in Google Play, back when it was ‘Android Marketplace’). They have a plethora of Adult Apps, including “TitsandGlass”, an adult app specifically for Google Glass, that and 3 other apps are in the gallery above

To use these apps you have to 3rd party install, which means you have to be on your techie game, but it’s also what opens you up to a malware attack, and I’m not sure it’s even possible for iOS devices, but maybe if your jailbroken.

Now I totally do not recommend trying this, and I primarily wanted to show you this so you know what to stay away from, that and showing you to satisfy you ‘need’, so enjoy 0_o