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If any athlete is familiar with drug addiction, it’s Darryl Strawberry.  Now that he’s clean and turned his life around he wants to help those who are now going through it by opening a drug rehabilitation center for addicted athletes.

Shay Marie

via My Fox Orlando:

Baseball great and recovering drug addict Darryl Strawberry is opening a center to help others get sober.

On Friday, Strawberry shook hands and signed autographs at a ceremonial grand opening for members of community.  While most admire Strawberry for what he did on the baseball field, he told FOX 35 that he found his true purpose by reaching out to others through the ministry he runs with his wife.

“A lot of athletes, we don’t know [our purpose] when we’re playing.  We have the uniform on and we’re stars and we play for this great team, but that’s just what we do. A lot of us don’t really know who we are,” Strawberry said.

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center will have a program for professional athletes who struggle with addiction.  The center will open in March 2014 in St. Cloud.

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center won’t just treat addicts.  It will also be an outpatient clinic for HPN Neurologic, a company that provides treatment with people with Traumatic Brain Injury.