IFWT_NY:NJ Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVII is being promoted as the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl but some Jersey residents and politicians feel the focus is way more on New York than it is New Jersey.

Shay Marie

via ProFootballTalk:

A group of elected officials have held a press conference to decry ticket and program designs that emphasize New York, and to pre-emptively chastise players and broadcasters who would refer to the upcoming NFL title game as a “New York Super Bowl.”

“Apparently, the NFL needs a geography lesson,” Sen. Robert Menendez, (D-NJ) said, via the Associated Press.

The Super Bowl is being held at MetLife Stadium which is in New Jersey but the two teams that play there are called the New York Giants and New York  Jets.  While I understand that some Jersey residents may feel shortchanged lets be honest, the Super Bowl wouldn’t be held there without the New York focus.  Also the pre-game activities will be held in New York as well as the parties.  If it’s any consolation for Jersey politicians, they’ll be getting money from game attendees, hotel stays and surrounding bars and restaurants.