Seems baby mama drama is (unfortunately) all too common nowadays. You know why. This go-around, Sarah Trigger, the ex-wife of Jon Cryer from ‘Two and a Half Men’ decided to take him to court over child support. We all know that the show was a major success, yet, the problem wasn’t that Cryer had not been paying. Trigger was looking for an increase from $8,000 a month to $88,000! Check out her wild claims after the jump.

According to TMZ:

Sarah Trigger ran to court in October, crying for WAY more child support money because their son Charlie couldn’t afford all the trappings of rich kid life when he was with her … expensive summer camps, exotic vacations, fancy birthday parties.

Sarah claimed their son had become a laughing stock at the ritzy Buckley School because of his pauper lifestyle … and he’s humiliated.

She justified her bid by claiming her custody share had increased from 4% of the time to 50% of the time … so she deserved more money … especially because Cryer’s making a killing on “Two and a Half Men” (she claims $2 mil a month).

I bet that the same face you made after reading this was the same face the judge made… ESPECIALLY before he dismissed it, “ruling there was no change in circumstances that required an increase in support.”

Now TMZ stated, “Jon Cryer’s ex-wife might have to start drinking discount champagne.” She definitely needs to add some Hamburger Helper to that menu as well.


Jamaal Fisher