Since the infamous, “Atlanta runs New York” comment, on behalf of Trinidad James, he’s been really low-key, while his arch nemesis at the time, Maino has thrived.
Trinidad James has realized that he’s lost more than a few of his “eastcoast” fans, but guarantees that they will all be coming back to him and his music real soon. The all gold rapper lets is known that if you’re not on the TJ train now, don’t come back later. “Choo Choo b***h,” in his words, not mine – LOL! For now, “CALLY, MIDWEST, DOWNSOUTH, OVERSEAS” is where it’s at for the Atlanta rapper.
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JaaiR (JR)

“I know it’s love in NY. Trust and believe me I know. No stress. The Real is the only fans I wanted anyway. 5 borough salute. 2014isaboutDoingitRight we will party again one day. My nigga$… Album so good….NIGGA JUST WAIT ON IT. All I see is the people who love me. If you ain’t on the train now stay off cause I ain’t gonna let you back on. Choo Choo bitch!! Amen..,” James IG’d.