Egyptian Singer Tamer Hosney ha filed a lawsuit against Akon, after allegedly promising to bring Pitbull out to an event. Yet Akon is lashing back at the singer, and is stating otherwise; hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

The multi talented Akon has responded after being hit with a lawsuit from an Egyptiam singer who claims Akon, promised a Pit and did not deliver!

“Tamer Hosny sued Akon, claiming he paid the music mogul $300,000 for Akon and Pitbull to guest on his song “Arabian Knight” — and ALSO star in the music video.” TMZ

Akon and Pitbull featured on the track but Akon was the only one to show up to the shoot, to which Hosney says made the video flop. Akon states that he delivered the vocals on the track as promised, yet never promised Pitbull at the video shoot. Akon also says that the Egyptian singer only paid him $145,000 not the $300,000 he is declaring.