The Oklahoma City Thunder have been playing great with an NBA best 38-10 record.  It’s thanks to runaway MVP Kevin Durant and they’re going to get even better with their second best player nearing his return.

Shay Marie

Via Yahoo Sports there’s a post-All-Star break target date set for Westbrook, as soon as Feb. 20, hosting the Miami Heat.

Westbrook underwent arthroscopic surgery.  It was his third surgery since tearing his meniscus in a playoff series against the Rockets last spring.

It remains to be seen how Westbrook’s return will affect the team.  In his absence, Kevin Durant went on a 12-game streak of scoring 30 or more points per game, the Thunder has a 10-game winning streak and the best record in the league.

Westbrook is no doubt an asset averaging 21.3 points, six rebounds, and 7.0 assists this season in just 25 games but there’s concern over his style of play.  It’s obvious Durant’s numbers will dip when Westbrook comes back as he’ll have help and won’t need to bear the burden of carrying the team but there’s also worry if Westbrook will continue to be overly aggressive while Durant goes back to being quieter and allowing Westbrook to take over.

We’ll just have to wait and see.