IFWT_Seahawks 12 1

I’m big on numbers (ironically 12 is one of my numbers — born on the 12th), so I found this super interesting. The Seahawks always talk about the power of 12 — their fabled “12th man.”  Well the power of the number 12 was taken to a new level in the Super Bowl. Check it out…




The Seahawks took a 2-0 lead on a safety that occurred only 12 seconds into the game, the fastest score in Super Bowl history.

With exactly 12 minutes remaining in the first half, running back Marshawn Lynchscored on a 1-yard run, making it 15-0.

Hold on, it gets better.

Percy Harvin opened the second half with an 87-yard touchdown on a kickoff return — only 12 seconds into the quarter.

Informed of the statistical oddity, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll smiled and replied, “That’s what I’m talking about!”  Carroll went on to praise the Seahawks’ 12th man, crediting their loud fans with influencing the game — specifically, the miscommunication by Peyton Manning and his center on the botched shotgun snap that resulted in the safety.

Oh, yeah, there’s another “12” that Seahawks fans will enjoy.  It was Manning’s 12th postseason loss — a new NFL record.