Chris Brown at Trey Songz party

Chris Brown has been an in extensive 90-day live-in rehab program for anger management, which, as far as the public was lead to believe, only allowed him to leave when it was for a very good reason and pre-approved by the rehab facility’s management. So far, he’s left for his various court dates, and one charity event around Christmas in December. However, it looks like he may have hit the town on Sunday night, and the only “good reason” was to watch the big game at Trey Songz’s house. Hmm! Photos and video of Chris at the party surfaced through pages of people that were in attendance, as well as via Trey himself, but they’ve all been deleted since then…likely in an effort to save face for Chris.

Could he already be out of rehab? Did he never go in? Did he get a special pass for the night? Or has the 90 days passed, but he still wants to keep a low profile? We’re right around the mark. So many questions! What do you think the case was?

Marisa Mendez

Source: Bossip & HH