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Awww mannn.  IF this is true, this is so messy.  So yesterday we shared the story about Paul George allegedly getting a stripper pregnant and offering her $1 million to abort the baby.  Guess what?!  There’s a twist to the story.  We explained that he’s currently dating Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers — and now it looks like she may be pregnant as well.  Yikes.  So I guess condoms just wasn’t an option?!
Check out the report after the jump and a couple tweets that make it seem like Callie’s pregnant (or a total coincidence)…





Via BallerAlert:

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“Paul George met Daniela at a yacht party in Miami over the summer. They slept together the same weekend and she got pregnant. Paul and Callie started dating AFTER he got Daniela pregnant but get this, Callie is pregnant too! She’s still in her first trimester and is barely showing. When she heard about Paul getting the stripper pregnant Callie tweeted and deleted a bunch of stuff. She’s handling it well otherwise. Paul wouldn’t dare ask her to get an abortion tho.  It looks like Paul is going to be a daddy twice this year!”