The topic of marijuana use in the NFL has become a big topic since weed is becoming legal in certain states.  Antonio Cromartie believes the league should get rid of the ban and now we’re hearing from a former player that’s known for his love of the sticky icky — Ricky Williams.  Check out what he had to say…



Via TMZ:

Former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams tells TMZ Sports … the NFL’s policy on marijuana is a JOKE … saying the league has no real interest in rehabilitating weed users, it’s all for P.R.

Williams — who famously left the NFL in 2004 after testing positive for pot on several occasions — says, “I don’t think the NFL really cares about whether or not players use marijuana.”

Ricky says he believes the point of the NFL’s policy on weed is NOT to detour players from using — but only to maintain the league’s image as a family friendly business.

We’ve spoken with other NFL stars who echo Ricky’s sentiments — telling us there are a BUNCH of active players who smoke (some with prescriptions) and they feel the league should butt out when it comes to pot.