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The Hip Hop Police strikes again

Game definitely has one of the illest car collections in the game(no pun intended), and while he was out driving his Rolls Royce he was pulled over by officers, even though he claims he didn’t do anything. Jayceon claims he was pulled over for DWB, Driving While Black.

The Hip Hop Police obviously aren’t celebrating Black History Month with the rest of the country, This is the second notable incident of the Hip Hop Police locking up rappers for petty reasons in less than a week. After, arresting New York rappers French Montana, Chinx Drugz, and Jadakiss, at B.B. King Bar & Grill, The venue that played host to Funkmaster Flex’s “Tunnel” revival event.

According to Game, after a thorough investigation officers came up empty, they cited him for expired tags and using his phone while driving and impounded his Rolls Royce. Check the Gallery to peep the picture Game posted while stopped by the cops.