IFWT_Rust online game
So I ran across this game by chance, then looked it up, it’s an indie online game that came out last year, and as of Jan. 2014, has made $7.5 Million!! Rust is based in survival, gamers, trapped on an island, have to go through a gambit of problems, from starving, attacks from wildlife, drowning, even exposure to radiation. The ultimate goal is Staying alive!!

Tat Wza

You start(from the bottom) off naked, so you have to find clothes, get shelter, food, and get to the point where you own a weapon to protect yourself! Here is how I ran across this game, a group of players stuck together from the beginning being naked, and branded themselves the ‘Brotherhood of the penis'(Gaaaaaay…no offense to homosexuals, but this part is gay):

Now this game, to me, is a lot like 2nd life, which I never really got into, but Rust has a bit more exploration to it as land is involved and you can ferry out to more places, giving a gamer more to do. Rust is Windows(PC), and Linux(Mac) based and on the very popular Steam platform. This game is starting to grow so much, 3rd party dev’s and making new maps to expand the experience, we will have to keep out eye on this one.