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We all hear about unmanned drone strikes in war torn countries, safe because troops don’t have to go in, and US lives aren’t lost(although lives, and a lot of the time innocent lives, ARE lost), but what if Drones were in the US, patrolling us, would we still be ‘safe’?!

Tat Wza

This will change life as we know it, but the way America is set up, people don’t det involved enough to stop the evil known as ‘The Man’ :-/

Our new staff member Lockisvip adds:

US law enforcement use of domestic drones for aerial surveillance could become normal life in America. Our every move monitored, tracked, recorded, and scrutinized by the government. Congress has ordered the FAA to change airspace rules to make it much easier for police nationwide to use domestic drones, We surely hope they aren’t equipped with any lethal weapons.