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Damn it man, again?!  SMH.  Former 1st round NFL draft pick Keith McCants was arrested for drugs in Alabama this past weekend.  If you’re not sure who McCants is but his name sounds familiar it’s because you might remember him for ESPN’s documentary “Broke.”  Hit the jump for details…





Via TMZ:

The 45-year–old — who played for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Houston Oilers and AZ Cardinals from ’90 to ’95 — was popped for possession of a controlled substance in Mobile on Sunday morning.

It’s AT LEAST the 12th time McCants has been busted for drugs since 2002 — including cocaine arrests in 2011 and 2010.

Keith’s life has been in a tailspin for years … just a few years ago, he appeared on the 2012 ESPN “30 for 30” documentary “Broke” and talked about how he squandered his immense fortune on houses, cars and boats.

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