Khloe x The Game

This is going to do nothing but fuel the rumors that Khloe Kardashian and The Game are secretly dating! Last fall, Game and Khloe’s close relationship had the rumor mill buzzing that Game wanted her to dump Lamar for him, but the rapper spoke out against that. Later, his then-fianceé Tiffney Cambridge was also forced to address it, and she said it doesn’t bother her a bit because she knows there’s nothing going on.

Since then, though, Khloe HAS dumped Lamar and Game and Tiff broke up…so is it fair game now? Last night, Khloe backed that a$$ up on the rapper in the middle of Tru Nightclub in Hollywood, and it’s pretty intense! Check out the video below. Do you think they’re flirting with disaster?!

Marisa Mendez