Khloe & The Game hit the club

Yesterday morning, video surfaced of Khloe Kardashian backing that thang up on rapper The Game in the club, leading to even more rumors that the pair were secretly an item. Both parties and their former respective spouses have long denied any romance in their relationship, so it seemed rather odd that they’d be so brazen about it in a public setting. However, new details have emerged that make it all make sense!

Marisa Mendez

It’s not surprising in the least that Khloe was filming for her family’s long-running reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her mother Kris Jenner was also with her that night, and a source confirms, It will be included in the upcoming season, which they are currently filming.”

“The storyline involves Kris and Khloe being single girls out on the town, letting loose and having some fun,” the source said. “Kris was the one to suggest it be filmed, and Khloe jumped on board and said yes. At this point, Khloe and The Game are just friends. She trusts him, but there is nothing romantic going on.”

The source also added that both Khloe and The Game were actually booked to host the club that night. And there it is!

Source: RO