Lady Gaga kush chronicles

Lady Gaga is known for her dramatic settings during her music video production, ad this set is no different! Gaga has taken her talents and crew to a California Castle.

Adriela Batista

The Hearst castle, located right n the California coast, will be the new playground of Gaga and he crew, as they gear up for what they’re calling a “big budget” music video.

Filming is set to take place this week at the “indoor blue-and-gold tiled Roman Pool and the outdoor Neptune Pool.” Yet the castle built by William Randolph Hearst is not rented out to just anyone, for any price. Gaga is set to donate $250,000 to the Hearst Castle foundation, “in addition to underwriting a $25,000 water supply study and paying special fees.”

Gaga will also be partaking in public service announcements involving the water conservation and a feature on the castle itself.