What the hell?!  Flight attendants don’t play!  Former NBA player Quentin Richardson was booted off his flight after a dispute with a flight attendant.  The details on what exactly happened are still coming out.  Hit the jump for the report…



Via TMZ:

Q was in the 1st class section of a flight out of Orlando, FL headed for LAX … but he never got off the ground.

We spoke with Quentin who confirms he was escorted off the plane and claims it was all over a failure to return his seat to the full and upright position.

Quentin says the flight attendant told him to move his seat up so the flight could take off … and next thing he knew, he was being asked to leave the flight.

It’s unclear exactly what happened between the two … we suspect the flight attendant is going to have a much different story.

We do know Richardson was NOT arrested … and the flight eventually took off without him.