I am sure we are all thinking this, but Mannie Fresh speaks from experience in his city. NBA All-Star weekend has become quite an event in the past 15 years from a party standpoint and with the parties and wealthy athletes come the women. And we aren’t talking about the type of women you bring home to mom. We are talking about the chicks looking for a come up. The chicks looking to catch a rich baller out there slipping to have a chance to get some of that NBA money by maybe getting pregnant or finding a way to bring a lawsuit. Now this can technically happen any day of the year, but it seems to be heightened during All-Star weekend. Checkout the advice Mannie has for the players.


Word of advice to NBA players … wrap it up TIGHT for All-Star weekend — ’cause the gold-diggers are heading to New Orleans IN DROVES … so says Mannie Fresh, one of the most powerful guys in rap.

Mannie — who’ll be judging a rap contest in the Big Easy this weekend — tells TMZ Sports, “It’s going down. There’s gonna be a lot of chicks lookin’ to get theirs and ogling over those NBA salaries.”

Mannie better take his own advice because he will be hosting an event with all-star Damian Lillard which will attract many other players, and of course, the gold-diggers will take notice.