Kendall Jenner

You remember that cute and sweet little Kendall Jenner we all know and love? WELP, looks like she is long gone. The KUWTK star is taking her modeling career seriously as she worked as a run-way model in Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Show for New York Fashion Week. The reality TV star was wearing a sheer shirt, completely exposing her goods for everyone to see. The 18-year-old also had extremely light make-up on with powdered up brows, making her look like casper. YIKES! Head over to the gallery and check out the almost scary pics from Kendall’s latest modeling endeavor.


Call me uncultured or whatever, but I’m so not into all of those super fancy fashion shows/models. They all look like ghosts who are deprived of food. I much rather see a thick Tahiry looking woman with some meat on her bones and color on her skin. No shade to Kendall or anything because I think she’s usually always adorable. #ThatsJustMeThough