Kanye West

Kanye went on another rant during his “Yeezus” tour at Penn State University arena last night, calling out radio personalities and talk show’s.

Since Kanye as sworn off doing any more interviews, he has decided to use his “Yeezus” tour as a vehicle to say whats on his mind.

Though this seems to be a more of Kanye’s legitimate rants, he cuts right in the middle of “Touch The Sky,” and goes off screaming, “This is what the f**k I’m talking about! 10 years of this sh*t!”

Needless to say, he was excited about the 10th anniversary of “The College Dropout.”

But then goes on calling out, Sway, and then screames about nighttime talk show hosts showing pics of him and his fiancee, in addition to comparing himself to Beethoven and Shakespeare.

Check the video below.

Jade Raven

What do you guys think? Is he justified in how he feels, or is he just complaining again?

Source: [TheYBF]