We’ve all watched Stephen Curry in awe as he makes incredible shots each night.  Well now you can add another fan to the list and this one is the commander in the chief.  TNT’s Charles Barkley interviewed President Barack Obama and he made an eyebrow raising claim about Curry.

Shay Marie

via San Jose Mercury News:

“I gotta tell you, Curry is the best shooter I have ever seen,” Obama told TNT’s Charles Barkley in a portion of a taped interview released Friday. “I believe that.

“In terms of being able to, you know, off the dribble get his shot off from anywhere that fast, best I’ve ever seen.”

The comments from Obama, who has said Michael Jordan was his favorite player, aired on the eve of Curry’s participation in the 3-point contest during NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans.

Obama is an avid NBA fan and knows a thing or two about the game so for him to make that claim about Curry is a pretty big deal.  It’s great to see things turn around for Curry going from being snubbed last year to getting more fan votes than any other guard in the NBA.