Jordin Sparks Roses

How romantic! A dozen roses and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, and these two men went above and beyond in the flower department for their ladies. When Kim K. Instagramed her 1,000 roses from fiance Kanye West, we can’t say we were surprised. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Kanye. But this Valentine’s Day, Kanye West was certainly out done.

This year Kanye was outdone by no other than Pop singer, Jason Derulo!

On Friday, his girlfriend, former American Idol winner and Sparkle star, Jordin Sparks, shared a picture on her Twitter & Instagram of a room filled with roses with the caption,

“Completely overwhelmed by 10,000 roses today from, my love, @jasonderulo. They’re so beautiful! Omg. #supersweettweet.”

There is no doubt that either men really love their women, but my question is, who’s going to water all those roses? JK!

Jade Raven