Tortured dog

Ladies, imagine going through your mans phone and you catch him having sex with somebody…or something that is not you ! Read what a girl found her man cheating on her with after the jump.


A woman looking through her boyfriend’s old cell phone saw video of him having sex with her dog. Now the man faces up to two years behind bars.

Wayne Bryson, 19, of Lincolnshire, U.K., confessed to having intercourse with the woman’s Staffordshire bull terrier, the Grimsby Telegraph reports. He told the court he had no explanation. Bryson, who also admitted to marijuana possession, was granted bail provided he steer clear of animals, the report notes.

Stateside, bestiality arrests have quadrupled in six years, according to the ASPCA. In fact, a St. Augustine, Fla., man recently received an eight-year sentence in a bestiality case.