rosie perez reveals old feud with jlo

Brooklyn gal, Rosie Perez, has just released a personal memoir, “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life.” In the book, she reveals an old feud she had with a fellow fly girl, Jennifer Lopez! Aye dios mios! To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Perez says that she persuaded producers to hire Lopez as a dancer for In Living Color’s “Fly Girls”, who were not sold on her curvy, bottom heavy body. Within 2 weeks of getting the gig, none of the other dancers were feeling JLO because they said she manipulated everyone from wardrobe to Perez. Rosie was even warned about her friendship with Jennifer. At one point the two ladies had a screaming match, in which the Bronx bombshell yelled: “I’m far better than any of these girls and you know it!” After they managed to get over the argument, Perez took Lopez to a family dinner. Years after In Living Color, Jennifer blew up and allegedly told people she was mistreated, when working on the show. The Brooklyn tough girl recalls a night when she ran into Lopez and told her off. Since then, Rosie says she has let go of the feud with her fellow Latina.

Do you think Rosie is telling the truth? Was JLo shady in her past?