In honor of the season premiere of popular reality TV show Basketball Wives: Los Angeles that aired tonight, what better person to talk about other than Draya Michele! The Fine Ass Girls founder had a sit-down with US Weekly where she revealed 25 fun facts about herself we did not know. She really is an interesting chick! Check them out below!


1. I tell the baristas at Starbucks that my name is Nicole.
2. My mom was the biggest Teena Marie fan ever. I grew up listening to her, I know every word to all of her songs and I’d been to two of her concerts.
3. I believe in psychics.
4. I have a phobia of electrical sockets…I once got shocked by the vacuum.
5. I really do feel 21 when I walk inside Forever 21.
6. I love cooking dinner.
7. I despise cooking breakfast.
8. I went to school to be an aesthetician. I was always fascinated with skin.
9. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and eat cookies in my sleep.
10. I have a patch of gray hairs in the front of my head that I refuse to dye. Instead, I pluck them.
11. For two years straight, I painted my nails Big Apple Red from OPI. I’ve finally moved on.
12. I want a daughter. Soon.
13. I think social networking is crucial to stay relevant and fresh nowadays.
14. I tried being a vegetarian three times, and failed miserably.
15. I’d like to say my Spanish food is pretty good.
16. I could totally sing backup for Alicia Keys.
17. Cigarette smoke is the second worst smell ever, with cigar smoke being number one.
18. I know all the classic California beach oldies from working at Hooters.
19. I’ve never had the guts to do karaoke before, but I want to so bad.
20. I took a robe from the Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas three years ago, and I’ve been doing my makeup in it everyday since.
21. I’m an Aquarius. Yes, I believe we are superior.
22. When I was younger, I wanted to be Posh Spice. Now that I’ve grown up, I want to be Victoria Beckham.
23. I have a purse inside my purse. That shows how frequently I change purses.
24. I want to be known for my beauty secrets and sense of humor. That’s all I want…is that too much to ask?
25. I’m no fun when I’m hungry on the set of Basketball Wives, so there always has to be food on set.

Source: [US Weekly]