Well isn’t his interesting?! Lol, I’m not sure what to say here — But if the Jamaican Bobsled team wants to rock these helmets, who are we to say anthing?!  I love watermelon!  Check it out…





Via TMZ:

File This Under: “Questionable Decision Making” … but the Jamaican Bobsled Team competed over the weekend wearing helmets that looked like watermelons.

Of course, in the U.S. … there’s a well-known stereotype about black people and watermelon — but fact, it’s not really a “thing” in Jamaica.

Still, a little weird to see a team consisting entirely of black people wearing helmets that look like watermelon.

As one Jamaican source put it … “I don’t know about any stereotype … all I know is we eat them, not put them on our heads.”