Mandeecees & Yandy

Is Mandeecees free or not? Things are looking a little unclear at this point! Last week, online reports surfaced that Yandy’s fiancé had been released from prison, after being behind bars for almost a year on drug trafficking charges. When his name is searched in the system, he is listed as “NOT IN BOP CUSTODY” but his release date is listed as “UNKNOWN.” The same reports that announced his release also said that he had ‘snitched’ to be freed, a big no-no in the streets. Then over the weekend, he posted a photo to his Instagram with a drink in his hand, his first post since October and prior to that since April, with the caption, “Having a drink. Y’all missed me?” The proof couldn’t be any deeper in the pudding…but apparently, it could! Taking to her Instagram last night, Yandy denied that her future husband is a free man.

“Now that I have a free second…if it doesn’t come from me. It’s probably not true,” Yandy posted along with a photo of her boys in ‘Free Mandeecees’ shirts. “You know they love to speculate and exaggerate.” She went on to say that his friend posted the “old pic” on his Instagram and that Mandeecees sends his love from jail. But, I don’t know. Could they just want to keep it low for now? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Marisa Mendez

Source: Baller Alert || Instagram || Yandy Smith