Lol, whoopsie!  It’s hard out here for those that don’t know hip hop!  With all these crazy name, I can definitely see this happening — but I am surprised that it was the Wall Street Journal that made this mistake.  They accidentally referred to 2 Chainz as ‘Two Chairs.’  Lol.  At least someone corrected them.
Check it out…



Via DeadSpin:

The Wall Street Journal posted a story today about the offseason workout habits of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek. It contains the following anecdote:

Mr. Celek says he “listens to everything.” He likes to exercise to R&B and rap but also enjoys alternative music. On his playlist right now: Drake and 2 Chainz.

Now, let’s check the bottom of the article for any corrections:

An earlier version incorrectly said Mr. Celek had Two Chairs on his playlist instead of 2 Chainz.