Kaylin Garcia

Started from an Instagram video, now we here! Early last fall, Kaylin Garcia posted a HOT video to her Instagram, twerking it out to a song called “Red Nose.” It was the first I’d heard of the song, and in talking to others and seeing the post’s comments, I found that it was many others’ first time hearing it too. I wouldn’t say she put Sage The Gemini on the map, but she defintiely helped introduce some people to the 21-year-old newcomer from the Bay. 5 months later, it appears to have sparked a love connection! When asked by a fan on Twitter today if she gives any guy the time of day, her answer was, “Yeah him —>@SageTheGemini,” which he proudly RT’d. A quick scroll of his timeline showed an interaction between the pair on Valentine’s Day as well, which you could check out in the gallery.

Sage is 21, Kay is 22. She loves to dance, he makes music you can dance to. They’re both in the entertainment industry. Hey, this just may work! What do you guys think of this potential couple?!

Marisa Mendez