Sir Michael Rocks & I chatted on some interesting topics such as Kicks, his Marriani Clothing Line & what we should look forward to from The “Cool Kids” in 2k14. Check out this exclusive interview only through InFlexWeTrust.com & Imarashed.com to learn a bit more about the “Chi Town” bred here!!

Q: How is everything going your way?

A. Everything is going good my way, just takin care of some business, watching anime on netflix and making beats.

Q: Define your style in 3 words?

A. In 3 words I would say my style is… Original, comfortable and limited.

Q: How is Marriani Apparel doing?

A. Marriani is doing well. Got some new designs dropping that Im excited about and been getting the gear to more Celebs and stars. Diddy just rocked a suit I gave to him recently and showed love so thats always cool.

Q: What new pieces will you be releasing soon within your collection, that we should look forward too?

A. Were releasing a new Hermes suit, New Chanel, New Versace design thats modeled after the same Versace Jay-Z wore in his old video “aint no nigga”… along side other new colorways and designs but with the same comfort and luxury we have been delivering.

Q: What’s your favorite piece from your Marriani collection?

A. Im really into this new red/white chanel suit we cooked up and I also miss this old Harrods of London suit we used to do.

Q: Nike SB’s or Black Cement 3’s?

A. 3s G im a Chicago boi

Q: Stussy or Bape? Which one you rocking with?

A. Marriani 😉

Q: Who are your main fashion influences? If any.

A. My main influences are retired people, and the cartoon YuYu Hakusho… Gary Oak too.



     (Chanel Sweatsuit & Hermes Hoodie Sweatsuit by Marriani Collection)

Q: Do you feel your one of the flyest rappers in the game at the moment?

A. yea.

Q: What was your last purchase?

A. I just bought some blank suede navy blue loafers that I will be getting some stuff embroidered onto soon.

Q: How many pair of kicks are in your closet? By an estimate.

A. 100s… I be giving a lot of stuff away tho and then regret it a year later

Q: All-Time favorite kicks, your go-2 kicks. What would those be?

A. All time favorite would be the Jordan 3 series

Q: How did “Computer school” and “Chop” come about it?

A. We wanted to drop some new shit when we decided it was time to start on Shark Week. Chuck had some new sounds that we felt could lead us into the album and then those songs were born.

Q: What new music should fans of “The Cool Kids” look forward too in 2k14?

A. My solo album Banco, Chucks solo album convertibles, and Our next Cool Kids album Shark Week

Q: If you could date one R&B Chick who would it be?

A. Kelela

Q: Your Last Words?

A. You Will Die 😉

This wraps up my interview with Sir Michael Rocks! Thanks so much for your time Mikey!

Clothing Line: www.Marriani.com

Website: Sirmichael.tumblr.com

Instagram: @SirMike

Twitter: @SirMichaelRocks

Interviewed by Imarashed