CharlieRed is a Blues/Hip-Hop duo from NYC and they have grown a huge fan base over the past years. If you’re a Soul D’angelo, Lauryn Hill type fan and would like to hear a different sound then CharlieRed is where its at. I got a chance to chat with the two on fashion, how the duo came about, kicks & more. Check out this exclusive interview to learn a bit more about the two as we discuss a vary of topics. Also, check out their latest album MUSE on iTunes./p>

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Q: How are you two doing?

A. Were doing great, got a show on saturday. doing pretty good this way.

Q: Cobaine & Chauncey, when did the two of you decide to create this duo?

A. (Listen To Audio)

Q: Which one of you are more into the fashion side of things?

A. Chauncey: Uhhh… “I don’t think either one of us are like into fashion like that, huh I think we both individually appreciate different things about fashion as a whole as a artist but huh were not into fashion” (Listen To Audio)

Q: How do you describe your style?

Cobaine: I would say old school or like classic rock but um definitely not hip-hop nowadays I’m not feeling the hip-hop style right now to be honest with you.  (Listen To Audio)

Chauncey: Ummm my style I’ll describe it as really free, no boundaries to it I pretty much do what comes natural to me and I do everything like music I dress like I think.

Q: What are the two of you guys favorite clothing brands?

Cobaine: (Listen To Audio) Really I’m a thrift shop kind of dude, yeah so If I get a dope T-shirt that no one else has for $5 I’m with that.

Chauncey:  My favorite clothing brands I like john Varvatos, Opening Ceremony, I love hammer pants so wherever I can find some dope hammer pants, I like diesel, Polo, polo fuckin Hilfiger Pimp- C taught me how to dress so yeah that’s pretty much it.

Q: What are you two’s go-2 sneakers?

Cobaine: Supras, I’m one of the dudes that I get one thing and I wear the hell out of it cause I really like it, I don’t have I have probably like 4 or 5 pairs of kicks all high-tops, my favorites are these Red supras that I got.

Chauncey: Doc Martens all the way, I love Doc Martens

Q: How many kicks would the two of you both have together? or separately

Cobaine: Counting sandals I would say 7

Chauncey: Wow, I think I would go with 20 pairs of kicks

Q: I see the two of you have your own kind of style, what is unique about it?

Cobaine: (Listen To Audio) I like to really take chances, what can I do that can make me feel a lil different and take me to the next level so I like to take chances

Chauncey: In relation to a lot of other R&B singers that are out, I feel like I don’t dress like an R&B singer, My style is put together quite nice when you see me.  I got a balance. (Listen To Audio for full details)

Q: What was your last fashion purchase?

Cobaine: My last purchase was a wind-breaker

Chauncey: Uhh I think I got some doc martens actually, that was my last purchase

Q: Do you guys feel your one of the flyest groups out?

MAN DEFINTELY! I don’t feel like were ever in competition. (Listen To Audio)

Q: Air Jordan’s or Nike SB’s?

Cobaine: I would say Jordans

Chauncey:  (Listen To Audio)

Q: If there is one fashion tip you would like to give what would it be?

Cobaine: Pretty much what he said you have to be yourself you have to find out what you connect with rather it’s fashion music or whatever it is. (Listen To Audio for full detailing)

Chauncey: “Be yourself everyone else is taken” (Laughs)

Q: Your Last Words:

Cobaine: “Die Living”

Chauncey: “Be yourself everyones is taken”

This wraps up my interview with CharlieRed! Thanks so much for your time! 

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Interviewed by Imarashed