IFWT_Lebron Space Jam 2

Yesterday a report was released that “Space Jam 2” was in the works and that Lebron James would be casted in Michael Jordan’s famous role.  This excited many but also pissed off some who felt Kobe was the second coming and should be offered the role before Lebron.  Well everyone can rest easy because Lebron’s camp says he has not been casted for the role, at least not yet.

Shay Marie

via ProBasketballTalk:

LeBron James‘ people say he is not yet attached, updates Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com. The report says there are no efforts by Warner Brothers to make this film, at least officially.

What to make of it? Movie ideas bubble up and this may be something in an early but far from solidified form. Something with some names attached, something leaked to a media source to help it gain momentum.  It may or may happen.

We need to emphasize LeBron is not attached right now. That could change. You can bet there have been talks and LeBron is probably interested, but that is different from being inked to the project. I still bet if the entire rest of the project comes together LeBron would be in.