The Denver Nuggets introduce new head coach Brian Shaw

There seems to be some disconnect between the Denver Nuggets players and their new head coach Brian Shaw.  Andre Miller left the team unofficially, before he was traded due to a blowup he had with Shaw although full details have yet to be revealed.  Now it seems the rest of the team is pulling away as well.

Shay Marie

The Nuggets are currently 25-29 with the 11th spot in the Western Conference after being in the playoffs last year.  Things came to a head last night as first year head coach Brian Shaw was reportedly fed up with their efforts after they lost to the Chicago Bulls 117-89, a 28-point deficit.

During the post-game press conference Shaw held nothing back as he berated his team and even suggested they should get paid nightly based on performance.  Surprisingly the quotes were released by the Denver Nuggets themselves.