Amanda Bynes has done a complete 180. After a public meltdown that included pissing off the gay community and beefing with Perez Hilton, Bynes had to get some help.
Even with the wild n’ crazy Amanda on the back burner, the former child star will go down in history for tweeting what she’d like Drizzy Drake to do to her female body part. MURDER IT!
After going to rehab and getting herself back in order, Bynes admits that she feels a little bit mortified about the tweet. Check out Amanda’s feelings, after the jump.

JaaiR (JR)

A source tells TMZ that what she said about Drake murdering her vagina, “horrifies her,” and because she feels remorse, it shows improvement.
Amanda now attends the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in Orange County and has even given up her weed-smoking hobby. Good for you Amanda! Keep it up.