Lebron James suffered a broken nose during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  During a primetime game against the Knicks a few days later, James emerged with a black mask and took on the persona of LeBane, a play on the Bane Batman character for those unfamiliar.  Of course the Internet got a hold of it and a ton of memes and photoshops took over.  Well it looks like the fun is over as the NBA nixed the black mask.

Shay Marie

The NBA never technically banned the black mask but asked Lebron to stop wearing it as they did previously with Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving and others.  The league prefers the clear masks so that opponents can see the players eyes.

Initially there were reports that Lebron would continue to wear the mask since it’s not officially banned but today ESPN reported that he would comply with the league’s wishes and wear a clear mask tonight against the Orlando Magic.

It was fun while it lasted…