IFWT Kyrie fan 2

Seriously the Cleveland Cavaliers not only need a roster upgrade, they need a security upgrade as well.  This is the third time a fan has rushed the court and the second time it’s happened to Kyrie Irving in less than a year.

Shay Marie

On Friday night while the Cavs were playing the Utah Jazz a fan ran onto the court and attempted to talk to Kyrie Irving.

Here’s what he said according to Irving via The Plain Dealer:

“He told me he loved me, I told him, ‘I love you, too, bro,’” Irving said. “The police didn’t think it was a joke. … It goes back to the emotional and deep-rooted support the fans have for the team. It was a great honor, but to do it during the game … maybe he could have waited until after the game?”

The fan was tackled by security, brought down to the ground, arrested and escorted off the court.

In December a fan walked onto the court with a “Kyrie Don’t Leave” t-shirt.  In March of last year when the Miami Heat came to play the Cavs a fan approached Lebron James begging him to come back to Cleveland.  The fan appeared to touch James before he headed out near the three-point line, where he displayed a shirt that read “We Miss You” on the front and “2014 Come Back” on the back.  He was also taken by security and escorted off the court.

On the brightside, the Cavs defeated the Jazz 99-79 and Kyrie Irving recorded his first career triple-double with 21 points (on 7-for-16 shooting), 12 assists and 10 rebounds.