We see Kyla Pratt has mastered keeping her private life private! Just like the unannounced birth of her first child Lyric, she has secretly given birth to another baby girl back in August 2013! Check out the details!

Jayyiah Coles

According to her rep Ernest Dukes, “Kyla gave birth to a healthy baby girl in August 2013 and is currently enjoying motherhood for the second time around.” He added that the mom-of-two wished to keep her daughter’s name under wraps for now.

In a recent interview with C. Nikky, Kyla revealed her relationship with the father of her two daughters is going strong.
“The secret is you have to work on it. You have to want it to survive! You can’t just be like ‘Bye,’ you have to communicate and be each others’ best friend, and that’s when things stay together,” she shared . “Be supportive of each others’ careers. I am his number one fan and he is mine, and it has to stay that way!”

We loved Kyla Pratt ever since she stepped on the scene as a child actor, Congratulations girl!!