IFWT_Erick Barkley

I’ve seen parents take their kids games a little too seriously but this is pretty bad.  Ex-NBA player Erick Barkley is the coach of his nine-year old son’s AAU basketball team and things turned ugly.

Shay Marie

via the NY Post:

“Before the game, Barkley got into a beef with the father of a kid on the other team. Barkley said the kid couldn’t play because he was on more than one team,” said a parent. “After a half-hour of arguing, the kid was allowed to play.”

But as soon as the game was over, a heart-breaking one-point loss for Barkley’s squad, he allegedly walked over to the father and punched him several times.

Police were called, they cuffed Barkley, intending to arrest him, but the victim declined to press charges even though the assault was captured on someone’s cellphone.

video c/o TheOtherPaper